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Fewer Abortions in Spain Due to Last Year’s Law

The number of abortions being performed in Spain has had a decline since last year’s law was passed changing the time line in which women were allowed to abort their babies. Before the law was changed last July, women could abort in the purpose of rape at up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and 24 weeks for physical or emotional health reasons.

Now the numbers have changed somewhat. Woman have 14 weeks now of on demand abortion, and only 22 weeks to abort if the baby appears to have birth deformations, or if the pregnancy is detrimental to the mother’s health.

Sales of the morning after pill have increased since the passing of the law. 115,000 reported abortions took place in 2009, most of which took place not in public hospitals, but in private clinics. Most of these abortions had claims that the pregnancy was terminated because it posed psychological risk to the woman.

Reports are saying that since the new law, abortions have been carried out on average earlier on in the pregnancies than ever before in Spain, though it appears less women are having the procedure. Perhaps there are less unwanted pregnancies because the women are being more careful about safe-sex practices. Perhaps some are waiting too long, and are required to keep the baby. Whatever the reason, this is an interesting twist for Spain. Let’s look and see how these trends change over the upcoming year.


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  2. the truth is I was manipulated into believing I was voluntarily unconsciously selecting to abort my baby.

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